financejunction Alliance & Partnership

At mjunction we are committed to use our collective scale, strength and expertise to deliver greater convenience, efficiency and transparency by offering innovative services to a multitude of supply chains. However, we cannot go the distance alone. We understand the added value of dedicated partner network to bring supply chain finance solutions to the market. Our strategic partnerships and alliances with some of India's leading banks & NBFCs mean that we can serve our customers in more ways across locations.

Benefits banks and financial institutions achieved by partnering with financejunction

  1. Minimum Risk of Default / NPA as financejunction conducts a credit check and screens customer's credentials before recommendation to the banks
  2. Assurance of risk-free Bulk Business
  3. financejunction provides a database for banks for cross-selling their products and increases lending opportunities without process expenses
  4. Incremental Business at low cost of sale- financejunction helps bank cut their transactional & processing cost

Our Financial Partners Include

Our Technology Partner