What is our Channel Finance Scheme?

Our Channel Financial Service is offered in association with leading foreign and private sector banks in the country and consists of providing online finance to the distributors / dealers of leading companies. The objective of our channel finance service is to enable client organization to sell to their Distributors / Dealers on cash basis and eliminate debts.

In association with our partner banks, we have clients across industries that avail our Channel Finance Scheme to boost their sales and liquidity.


Our Channel Finance Scheme aims to:

  1. Convert credit sales into cash sales- faster realization of payments online
  2. Better Supply Chain Visibility
  3. To help Seller Organisations focus on their core functions by taking over their Supply Chain Finance needs

Value Propositions for:

Seller Organizations

financejunction organises finance for your channel partners thus enabling them to fund bigger buys from you. Benefits of partnering with finanjunction for Seller Organisations are:

  • 100%

    secured and timely payments

  • Converting credit sales

    of client into cash sales

  • Increased buying power

    of channel partners
    due to added liquidity

  • Single window

    in terms of online
    visibility of transactions

  • 24/7 – Real Time Straight through Processing

    basis transaction

  • Effective MIS reports

    through a single window on 24 * 7 * 365 basis

  • Without any recourse

    (financial or otherwise) to seller

  • Loyalty Programme

Channel Partner (Distributor / Dealer)

financejunction's Channel Finance offers Distributors unsecured finance at the most competitive rates, at the click of a button and instant disbursal (with auto generation of MR) to bring down their finance costs. Benefits of partnering with finanjunction for Distributors are:

  • Competitive cost

    of fund (better than
    existing working
    capital cost)

  • Distributors and dealer

    getting cash discount for making payment to client on day zero

  • Clean credit

    No security or
    collateral attached

  • Over and above

    existing credit line

  • Flexible tenure

    available (30 to 90 days) for repayment to banks

  • Loyalty Programme

  • Hassle free

    documentation with minimum manual intervention

  • Flexible loan tenure

    from 30 days to 60 days under the facility to
    suit their requirement

Role of financejunction

financejunction will be the Single Point of Contact for Seller Organizations for all their Supply Chain Finance needs. The other roles financejunction plays is-

  1. Design and implementation of the entire Channel Finance Scheme
  2. Working as an aggregator to provide finance to the distributors and dealers of client at competitive rates
  3. Act as a single integration touch point for various supply-chain finance solutions from multiple banks
  4. Effective MIS reports through a single window on 24 * 7 * 365 basis
  5. Distributors and dealers getting cash discount for making payment to client on day zero
  6. Process Invoice Details
  7. Process Transaction Details (Drawdown & Repayment)
  8. Daily Balance Report
  9. Customer Complaint Handling Portal
  10. Transaction Auto Alerts (SMS & Email)


  1. Arranged online finance of more than 30000 crs.
  2. Covered more than 250 channel partners spread across the country.
  3. 100% cash sales by clients.
  4. Interest rate brought down by 200 basis points.
  5. Zero delinquency record
  6. 7 banks and financial institutions on FJ platform provide access to capital at essential points in the transaction lifecycle

Service Usage Loyalty Incentive Scheme

financejunction is happy to launch a Loyalty Points program for the Tata Steel Distributors who avail our services under the various finance schemes.

Every time the Distributor avails finance through us, we will award reward him Loyalty Points. Distributors can accumulate and redeem the Loyalty Points against a horde of attractive products as wide ranging as - Electronics , Kitchen Appliances, Watches , Luggage & Handbags , Accessories , Health Equipment , Apparels , etc.

We also have a short term working capital facility for the Key Account Customers / Dealers of Tata Steel Distributors already registered with Channel Finance.

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