Who are the Customers

Buyer Community who participates and buys material auctioned by metaljunction and coaljunction. Channel Partners- Dealers/Distributers/OEMs, of organisations who have partnered with financejunction under our Channel Finance Scheme.

Our Value Proposition

financejunction is an online platform through which bidder's finance related needs can be addressed through a single point of contact. In association with our partner banks, we provide largely unsecured finance at competitive costs to the buyer community.

  • Increased
    Buying Power

  • Competitive
    Cost of Fund

  • Nil/Negligible

  • Simple

  • Online

  • Additional
    Working Capital

  • Elimination of
    Unorganized Players

  • Increased
    Auction Participation

Services we offer

We offer the following two services to our buyers

Buyer Finance

Our Buyer Finance Scheme is an innovative working capital finance scheme to our buyer community to enable them to access finance through us at competitive costs so as to facilitate auction material purchases via coaljunction and metaljunction.

More about Buyer Finance

Channel Finance

Channel finance scheme for dealers/distributers/OMEs of organisations who have partnered with financejunction. We provide channel partners with unsecured finance at competitive rates which increases their liquidity and enhances their buying power.

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